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Bike riding through the streets of San Francisco

CicLAvia is a fun event that encourages locals and visitors of the city to explore the various and unique parts of Los Angeles. when staying in Los Angeles during the event, which takes place at different times throughout the year, a specific area of the city is closed off to all car traffic. As a result, guests are encouraged to walk, bike, skate or run through the pedestrianized area! This year, the CicLAvia theme is ‘Heart of LA.’ The path will take you through areas of Los Angeles such as Westlake, Downtown LA, Chinatown and Boyle Heights. The CicLAvia Heart of LA event will take place on October 16th so mark your calendars for this fun event!

One of the great things about CicLAvia is that it is a fun way to get out, explore, and to be active! As a family-friendly event, it won’t be odd to see whole families biking down the street or simply walking and enjoying the day. If you would like to skate or run, that’s fine too! The area is open to non-car traffic so it’s an excellent opportunity to walk the streets of LA while being safe as well! Another great thing about CicLAvia is that it is a completely FREE event. All you have to do is show up anytime from 9am-4pm to explore. It is important to note however, that CicLAvia is not a race. Therefore, there is no starting point or finish line. Instead, you can show up at any place along the designated path and simply enjoy! To help guide guests, there will be a number of pit stops called “hubs” located throughout the designated path. At these hubs, you can talk to volunteers who will provide you information about fun things you and your family can do in the area. The MacArthur Park Hub will be located at 2400 W 7th Street. If you are in Downtown, head to the Grand Park Hub, which is located 301 W 1st Street. If you are in Chinatown, then stop by the Chinatown hub at 960 N. Broadway. And finally, if you are in Boyle Heights, stop by the Mariachi Plaza Hub at 100 S. Boyle Ave. For more information on this event, visit

CicLAvia LA
CicLAvia is a fun way to get to know the community and streets of LA by bike. Skating, Running or Walking CicLAvia LA is perfectly fine too!
Starts: 10/16/2016
Los Angeles, CA

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