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when is Angel's flight re-opening

Angel’s Flight is Set to Re-Open on Labor Day!

Recently, the mayor and Los Angeles Council member announced that Angels Flight will once again be reopening for the public’s use. In 2013, the funicular closed down after operational issues and had been sitting in disuse since then. With the mayor’s announcement, locals and visitors alike will once again be able to enjoy Angels Flight. So when is Angel’s Flight re-opening? The attraction is set to reopen on Labor Day of this year.

The Angels Flight is a small funicular, a cable operated railroad that has ascending and descending cars. Angel’s Flight is a beloved landmark in Los Angeles located at Bunker Hill, the district where Downtown Los Angeles is located. Angel’s Flight first opened up in 1901 and it’s original location was used to connect Hill Street and Olive Street. The sight closed down in 1969. A couple decades later, Angels Flight was reopened at a new destination, more south than it was previously. It’s new location has tracks that connect Hill Street and California Plaza. The Angels Flight is a nostalgic site in Los Angeles and while it has been closed for the past few years, the city is excited that this part of Los Angeles history will once again be open to the public to enjoy.

The reopening of Angels Flight is made possible through a public and private partnership that worked together to bring a part of early Los Angeles history alive again. The ACS Infrastructure Development Inc along with the nonprofit Angels Flight Railway Foundation paired together to make this reopening possible. The Los Angeles Metro as well as the City of Los Angeles were key partners in this project development as well. This September, be sure to stop by Angels Flight for its grand reopening. Be a part of history as you travel on the same funicular that locals traveled on over 100 years ago!

Angel's Flight Re-Opening
You heard right! Angel's Flight is re-opening, so pack your bags and head to LA to check it out!
351 Hill St
Los Angeles, CA

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