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Today, many parts of downtown Los Angeles are experiencing transformations where old spaces are now being re-imagined to best suite the needs of locals and visitors alike. One exciting new project you can visit if you’re staying at a hotel in Downtown LA is the all new ROW Downtown LA. Read on to learn more!  

ROW DTLA is an all new exciting project that is looking to transform a 30 acre area in the arts district of Los Angeles known as Alameda Square. Currently, the arts district in this particular area is home to a number of large warehouses that are nearly 100 years old. When the area first came to fruition, it was used as a market space in order to meet the high demand of fresh produce. Over the decades, large warehouses replaced these markets where they were then used for the fashion industry. Eventually, the area fell into disarray and many of the warehouses became empty. However, as the Arts District currently experiences revitalization, the ROW DTLA project is the next big thing!

ROW DTLA is a new creative space that combines offices, restaurants, and stores featuring luxury brands and unique merchants. There have been many new creative office spaces that have come into fruition over the past years and ROW DTLA hopes to add to this trend in a big way. Instead of knocking down the old warehouses, the project reuses the space for offices featuring high ceilings and impressive windows letting in natural light. The project hopes to provide space for as many as 20,000 employees. Outside of the area, there will be a 10 story parking garage as well public areas to lounge and enjoy the open air. Be sure to keep an eye out on the Arts District in LA and up and coming projects such as ROW DTLA.


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