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Spend a Day Exploring Classic Hidden Gems in LA

When it comes to exploring Los Angeles, there’s plenty of things to keep you entertained, it just depends on what you want to do. If you’re looking to explore classic experiences that you can only discover in the city, a good place to start is to catch a game in los angeles and cheer on the Dodgers or the Lakers. Other than cheering on local teams, there are plenty of places that are unique to Los Angeles. Read on to discover classic LA gems.


If you like to go bowling with friends, than you’ll certainly want to head to Highland Park Bowl where you can step back into time to LA’s oldest bowling alley! Built back in 1927, the building itself had an interesting role in history as during the prohibition, patrons could obtain a doctor’s note for medicinal whiskey at the doctor’s office upstairs, fill the prescription, and then enjoy legal boozy bowling! Continue the tradition at Highland Park Bowl. After 8pm, the bowling alley is 21+ only.


Looking for a good place to stop and eat lunch? If so, Philippes will not disappoint. A local favorite, this eatery has been around since 1908 and is home of the original french dipped sandwich. Conveniently located near downtown LA, while the french dipped sandwich is the classic option, you can order other options including soups, sides, breakfast, desserts and even beer and wine.


The Original Farmers Market has been in Los Angeles has been around since 1934. Filled with local vendors selling produce, desserts, fresh bread and more, this location also has sit down eateries and sells prepared foods as well. Whether you want some tasty treats at Bennett’s ice cream or want to go get your groceries at Farm Boy Produce, there’s plenty of vendors to choose from. You’ll find the original Farmer’s Market at 6333 West 3rd Street in Los Angeles.


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