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arts district los angeles

One of the unique things about Los Angeles is the fact that there are so many different unique neighborhoods within the city to explore. Each neighborhood has a different feel and something different to offer. The Arts District in LA is located near downtown LA and is known for being an area of reemergence for the arts. Here, the city’s artists, musicians and craftspeople call the area home. The Arts District is filled with innovative and creative entrepreneurs so there’s always something fun and exciting around the corner. Check out these businesses located in the Arts District that are sure to provide a good time with friends.  

Angel City Brewery

If you’re looking to go to a place where local angelinos like to hang out, than look no further than Angel City Brewery. Located in the Arts District, this local brewery is housed in the historic John A. Roebling Building, a warehouse that was built in 1913. John A. Roebling is famous for designing the Brooklyn Bridge and his warehouse in 1913 was part of his nation wide company. Today, inside Angel City Brewery you’ll enjoy locally brewed beers and a fun environment where you can play board games or check out the local art on the walls.

Two Bit Circus

Imagine an adult theme park adventure mixed with the creativity of a circus mixed with the technology of virtual reality. What you get is Two Bit Circus, a self described, “micro amusement park”. Here, you’ll find immersive VR games, carnival games, classic arcade games and Story Rooms, Two Bit Circus’ spin on the popular escape rooms. There is also food, sweets and beverages available. Food options include flatbreads, skewers, sliders, corn dogs, and snacks such as chocolate dipped bacon and cauliflower popcorn! Visit the website for official hours, and ticket prices.


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