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best holiday travel tips for a trip to la

Tips When Traveling to LA During the Holidays

Visiting Los Angeles during the holidays? Check out some of these best holiday travel tips for a trip to LA. While you’re in the city, consider stopping at a special occasion restaurant los angeles to celebrate the holidays.


Book your Hotel in Advance

The last thing you want happening when traveling during the holidays is waiting until the last minute to book your hotel. If you wait until last minute, you may experience increased costs, or even worse, no more spots available at the hotel you wanted! Book early to ensure your spot.

Don’t travel peak days & times so you’ll avoid the crowds

When it comes to traveling, it can be difficult to avoid traveling during peak times, especially during the holiday. However, the fact is that traveling during peak days will certainly have you running into large crowds and long wait lines, especially when flying at LAX. LAX is in the top 5 busiest airports in the entire country. Even just changing your travel plans by a day can greatly increase your experience.

Pack Light

Packing light has a number of benefits. When you pack light, you avoid any extra costs that airlines tack on whenever you check a bag. Additionally, packing light means you can take everything with you on a carry on, so you don’t have to worry about your bag getting lost, especially during this busy time of year. When you pack light, you’ll know exactly where your stuff is during the entirety of your flight and this can also help to calm your nerves about flying during the holidays.

Leave some spare time

One of the best things you can do for yourself to help take off some of the anxiety and stress of travel is to give yourself plenty of extra time. Even if you are traveling on peak days, giving yourself extra time can help. The holidays will always be a little busier so give yourself even more extra time – more than you would during other times of the year. The added time will come in handy in case there are any hiccups, such as longer than expected security lines, and will help you from rushing last minute.

Scout out your airport so you can know your way around it

It doesn’t hurt to scout out the airport that you’ll be flying out of or into so you know your way around it. If you’re flying into a new airport, do some research and figure out where your gate will be. If you have any connecting flights, do research on that as well so you can figure out where you will need to go.

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