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nightlife at Queen Mary

Nightlife at the Queen Mary

When it comes to the best happy hour food, Los Angeles has plenty to offer. There are other areas to explore throughout LA and the surround area as well such as the historic Queen Mary ship. Did you know that in addition to visiting this famous ship, there is plenty of nightlife at Queen Mary as well? Read on to find out more!


Once the sun goes down, it doesn’t mean the fun needs to end. There are many dining opportunities to enjoy at the Queen Mary during the evening. These include Sir Winston’s Restaurant & Lounge,  the Chelsea Chowder House and Bar as well as the Observation Bar & Art Deco Lounge. This last location is a great place to enjoy drinks and enjoy the classy cocktail decor reminiscent of the 1930s.


The Queen Mary also hosts evening tours of the ship. There are stories that the ship is haunted and these nighttime tours are a fun and spooky way to spend time with friends. When it comes to evening experiences choose from options including Dining with the Spirits, Paranormal Investigations and a Paranormal Ship Walk. Who knows, maybe at one of these experiences you might even have an encounter with a spirit. Visit the website for more information.

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