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Downtown L.A. interesting facts

Fun Facts about Downtown LA

You might know that LA is known as the City of Angels but do you actually know the real name of Los Angeles? Did you also know that the location of The Row L.A. used to be a safe haven for free speech demonstrations in the early years of the city? Los Angeles is filled with a rich history that is great for both locals and visitors to explore. Read on to learn more about Downtown L.A. interesting facts. 


When Los Angeles was originally founded, it was named El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora Reina de Los Ángeles sobre el río Porciúncula, which in English means The Town of our Lady the Queen of Angels of River Porciuncula. 


Today, the Walt Disney Concert Hall is also known as a beautiful piece of architecture and a work of art. However, when it was first installed, the steel walls of the concert hall reflected so much light that nearby sidewalks reached temperatures of up to 140 degrees F! 


In the year 1984 the olympics were held in Los Angeles, but did you know that no new sporting structures were built for the Olympic games? In fact, the opening ceremonies of the Olympics was held at the Coliseum, which was built in 1923.


Can you guess what the tallest building in DTLA is? During the early 1900s, there was a strict height limit set on the city in order to help create harmonious lines through the city. During this time, City Hall was the tallest building standing at just 32 floors high. Today, the tallest building is the Wilshire Grand Center, which became the tallest building in 2016 with 73 floors, standing at 1,100 feet tall. 

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