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LA Food Guide for Instagrammers

Instagram started as a social media site that lets users share photos with others. It now ranks as one of the top social media sites in the world and has users that include some of your favorite restaurants and brands. Instagrammers often love sharing shots that they take of foods that feature bright colors and other details that jump off the screen. If you head to Los Angeles, you can use this LA food guide for Instagrammers to decide which restaurants are worthy of your time.

Tomato Soup Dumplings at Beauty and Essex

With three locations around LA, Beauty and Essex makes it easy for you to get in and take photos of dishes that are worthy of your Instagram. The one dish you won’t want to miss is the grilled cheese, smoked bacon, and tomato soup dumplings. These little dumplings have the perfect amount of cheese on top with tomato soup inside and a little smoked bacon crumbled over the top. Beauty and Essex offer a nice atmosphere and good lighting to take your pictures too.

Charcoal Ice Cream at Little Damage

Charcoal Ice Cream

If you’re on the hunt for unique desserts in Los Angeles, head to Little Damage for charcoal ice cream. This small shop serves organic ice creams and desserts made fresh every day from local produce. With a menu that changes regularly, you never know what you might find. Charcoal is one of the top ingredients used in both the ice cream and cones, which gives them a rich and deep black color, and you can add your favorite toppings too.

Donuts at Birdies

Birdies is another local favorite because it serves artisanal donuts that workers make fresh every hour and top in unique and different ways. Your Instagram account will pop with photos of the Galaxy donut that features swirls of pink and blue icing on top and some gold stars and sprinkles. The strawberry shortcake donut will get your mouth watering as it nestles whipped cream and fresh berries between two sweet treats. Birdies also offer coffee and other drinks as well as breakfast dishes and sandwiches.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Pastries from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

The ultimate LA food guide for Instagrammers should include Mr. Holmes Bakehouse too. Known for the cruffin, it has other dishes that will appeal to anyone who loves food. The cruffin combines the rich and dense filling of a muffin with the light and flaking crust of a croissant. You can fill your cruffin with cream, jam or curd and choose one of the toppings that are available daily.

Bia Coffee

Bia Coffee is more than just another coffee shop because it features drinks mixed with a flower syrup that takes up to three days to make. That syrup adds a rich pink color to each drink that will stand out on your Instagram feed. Popular drinks include the Bia Butterfly Pea Jasmine Latte and Bia Saffron Cherry Blossom Latte. No matter what is on your mind when visiting DTLA or what you want to do, you can use this LA food guide for Instagrammers to find the best restaurants worth your time.

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