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Walk of Hame - Best Tours in Hollywood, CA

Best Tours in Hollywood, CA

Known as La-La Land and Tinseltown, Hollywood is among the top destinations in California. Visitors come from all over the world to see where celebrities put their hands in concrete and for the Walk of Fame. They also hope to see some of their favorite actors walking down the street and to check out the fun amusement parks in and around the city. Whether this is your first visit or you were here before, you won’t want to miss the best tours in Hollywood CA that give you an inside look at the rich and famous.

TMZ Celebrity Tour

You might know TMZ for the gossip website it runs or for its television series that follows celebrities. You can now take the TMZ Celebrity Tour and see what happens behind the scenes. The comfortable buses can hold dozens of people and let you ride with strangers or friends. You can even book a custom tour for your group. TMZ cannot guarantee who you will see on your trip, but visitors recently spotted Thandie Newton, Kim Kardashian, Ben Affleck and Justin Bieber. While some celebrities simply wave as they pass by, others like James Corden came on board to talk with tour groups.
Group of people in a tour bus

Starline Tours Hollywood Celebrity Tours

With the home tours offered by Starline Tours, you can see where top celebrities live. This tour takes groups by bus or truck on a trip around Hollywood, Bel Air and Beverly Hills. You can see the homes of actors, producers, directors and musicians in all of those neighborhoods. Past tour groups even saw celebrities coming home or working in their yards. Starline Tours can help you find other interesting tours too, including trips to the famous Hollywood sign and one that takes you from the heart of the city to the Santa Monica Pier.

Tour bus in Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood Sites & Bites Tour

One of the best tours in Hollywood CA for those who love food is the Hollywood Sites & Bites Tour. Though it takes four hours to finish the tour, the five places that you visit are well worth it. You’ll have the chance to see the CL Chinese Theater and Hollywood sign up close. During the drive, you’ll also pass by Paramount and other major studios. The tour includes stops at popular restaurants and dessert shops too, including some that appeared on the screen.
Hollywood Sign

The Real Hollywood Tour

When you check out the guide to Little Tokyo before your trip, you might notice that you can book The Real Hollywood Tour too. This walking tour talks about how Hollywood was once a farming community and the changes that occurred when studios began building there. You’ll also get to see some of the city’s top attractions and hear from guides who know inside stories about the making of popular films.
Hollywood has more to offer than just what you see in a guidebook. As you plan your upcoming trip, make sure that you buy tickets to some of the best tours in Hollywood CA to have an unforgettable time.

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