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National Science Teachers Association – National Convention

The National Science Teachers Association conference is an excellent way for educators and science advocates to gather together in one space. At this conference there will be a wide range of sessions being hosted by organizations such as active and retired teachers, nonprofit and government agencies, commercial organizations, science consultants and more. This year, the National Science Teachers Association’s conference will be held on March 30th through April 2nd. The conference will be held at the Los Angeles Convention center. Registration for this event is now open. If you need a hotel near la convention center, you can definitely find one in the area.

The keynote speaker for this year’s National Science Teachers Association is Andy Weir, author of the New York Times bestseller, The Martian! Weir is a lifelong space enthusiast and enjoys topics such as relativistic physics, spaceflights and orbital mechanics. In his keynote address, Weir will talk about he we went from being a computer programmer to bestselling author. Weir will present on Thursday, March 30th from 9:15-10:30am. After the talk, he will be around to sign autographed copies of his novel The Martian! On Wednesday, Bill Nye will present a lecture on the behalf of the Planetary Society. Bill Nye will present on Wednesday, March 29th from 6-8pm.

The National Science Teachers Association was founded in 1944 in Virginia. This association is actually the largest organization of science teachers in the world. Today, current membership is over 57,000 science teachers, science supervisors, scientists, administrators, business and industry representatives and other who are all committed to science education. The National Science Teachers Associations also serves as an advocate for educators and the general public by keeping them informed about national issues as well as trends in science education. If you would like more information on this exciting event, please visit the official website at

National Science Teachers Association - National Convention
This science conference is a great way for people to get together in one space and a partake in sessions about relativistic physics, spaceflights and orbital mechanics.
Los Angeles , CA

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