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For first timers, getting around Downtown might be stressful. However, no need to fear, consider some of these tips that will if it’s your first time traveling to Downtown LA. If you want to facilitate your travel time check out some hotels in Downtown Los Angeles to be near all the entertainment! 

There are a number of FREE things that you can take advantage of while in downtown LA. For example, you can check cultural areas such as Chinatown for Little Tokyo as well as historic areas such as Union Station. For a blast from the past, stop by the Bradbury building, which is an architectural landmark that was built in 1893. You might recognize the building from the final scenes of the movie 500 Days of Summer. To get a taste of what the Golden Age of Hollywood was like, consider taking a stroll down the historic district on Broadway.

Another great option to enjoy in Downtown Los Angeles is Grand Park. The green space in the middle of downtown is located by City Hall as well as the Disney Music Center. Grand Park offers a number of free events throughout the year such as morning or lunchtime yoga sessions and concerts throughout the year. If you happen to be looking for a place to try out food trucks, you won’t find a better selection of food trucks than at Grand Park during the lunch hour. Food trucks will be around the park from 11am – 2pm. For more information on Grand Park and upcoming events that you can enjoy at the park, visit

If you’re going to be downtown, consider getting around via public transportation. Los Angeles is known for heavy traffic, so avoid the bumper to bumper traffic and instead, hop aboard the Metro. The Gold Line on the Metro is a great line that takes you to stops such as Chinatown as well as Little Tokyo and the Arts District. The Red Line takes you to Union Station and the Purple Line will take you to stops such as Pershing Square, a popular park located downtown.

Entertainment in Downtown Los Angeles
There is so much to do in Los Angeles, from Chinatown to Little Tokyo theres a ton of great places to eat! Looking to sightsee? Check out the Bradbury building, city hall or the Disney Music Center. Want a relaxing picnic? Theres always Grand Park, grab some food at the food trucks and chill out for a while in this beautiful city.
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