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The Best Sushi Near You

Los Angeles is known for having an exquisite food scene. When you stay at an LA Hotel, it means you have access to some of the best restaurants in the world. With so many chefs coming from around the globe, the city enjoys a wide variety of authentic foods. One area in particular that Los Angeles especially enjoys is sushi. In recent years, the sushi scene in Los Angeles has skyrocketed, providing locals and visitors alike with many opportunities to enjoy fresh sushi. Here are some excellent destinations in LA to consider if you’re in the mood for some sushi.

One of the great things about Sakana Sushi Lounge is that you can get fresh quality sushi for a relatively affordable price compared to other sushi restaurants in Los Angeles. The restaurant also features special California themed dishes such as jalapeno tempura rolls and the spicy tuna tacos. In this elegant yet comfortable space, enjoy excellent quality sushi. Don’t forget to come by on Sundays – when you order any role, get the second one free!

Sushi Enya is a sushi restaurant owned by Chef Kimiyasu Enya, who trained how to make authentic sushi in Japan for over ten years. The result is that every time you go to Sushi Enya, you’ll know you’ll receive authentic sushi. The restaurant also features fresh fish that comes from the fish market daily. The next time you visit, try the Blue Fin Toro hand roll or the Yellowtail belly.  

When you go to KazuNori – The Original Hand Roll Bar, treat yourself to the experience of enjoying fresh fish, housemade sauces, specially harvest seaweed and the signature KazuNori warm rice. Every roll you enjoy at this location is specifically hand rolled and made fresh to order. Hand rolls you can enjoy include cucumber, bay scallop, salmon, shrimp, blue crab, yamaimo, snapper, toro, yellowtail and lobster. Stop by KazuNori today.


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