March Madness 2018 in Los Angeles - The LA Grand Hotel Downtown
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March Madness 2018 in Los Angeles

Calling all basketballs fans – March is upon us, which can only mean one thing, it’s time for March Madness. March Madness is the time of year when college basketball teams from across the country gets to show what they have to offer as they engage in a tournament where winner takes all! The NCAA, National Collegiate Athletic Association, has held the March Madness tournament since 1939. This year, you can watch one of the March Madness games in Los Angeles! Get your tickets today.

March Madness is when the top basketball teams of the NCAA engage in a 7 round tournament where winner takes all. It is a single elimination tournament that will feature 68 Division 1 college level basketball teams. The teams get eliminated until the penultimate game which is known as the Final Four. At this game, the final four teams compete against each other and the two winners play against each at the final game. The whole thing kicks off in Dayton Ohio when the First Four games take place. After the First Four, the the elimination rounds continue with the first round taking place in Pittsburgh. Los Angeles will be hope to two exciting games during March Madness: the Sweet 16 West game and the Elite Eight West game. The Sweet 16 rounds also take place on the East coast, in the Midwest and in the South. Sweet 16 West will take place in LA on March 22nd. Likewise, there is an Elite Eight West, South, Midwest and East. The Elite Eight West takes place on March 24th. Both of these games will take place at the Staples Center.

The Staples Center is the home to major sports teams including the Los Angeles Lakers, the Los Angeles Clippers, the Los Angeles Kings, and the Los Angeles Sparks. Be sure to get your tickets and be a part of March Madness!


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