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strange roadside attractions in los angeles

5 Strange SoCal Attractions for Roadtrippers

Did you know that Los Angeles actually has a system of underground tunnels? The city that is known for glitz and glam also has lesser known attractions that still warrant your attention. Check out some of these strange roadside attractions in Los Angeles.


Hearst Castle

The estate of newspaper tycoon, William Randolph Hearst, was once known as The Enchanted Hill. Construction on the estate began in 1919 and continued into the late 1940s. The end result is a stunning, modern day castle that will take your breath away. Visit the official website to see the tours that are offered and get your tickets for a tour today.


Bob Baker Marionette Theater

They bygone years of marionette theater is back and fully kicking at Bob Baker’s Marionette theater. You and your family can enjoy classic puppeteer shows at this location. In fact, this location offers over 300 performances a year using over 2000 handcrafted puppets!


Clifton’s Cafeteria

This location is home to the only cafeteria style eatery that was famous back during the golden age of Hollywood. Clifton’s opened in 1935 and at its peak was serving 15,000 diners a day. Today, the cafeteria has been fully revamped and remodeled. While it continues its tradition as a cafeteria eatery, it also has a full bar and nightlife events.


The Bunny Museum

To date, the Bunny Museum has 35,529 bunny objects for guests to see. For 20 years, this oddity museum aims to show the history of bunnies in entertainment, art, advertisement, film and more. For an experience you won’t soon forget, stop by the Bunny Museum today.


The Museum of Jurassic Technology

Speaking of oddities, this museum is something you have to see and experience for yourself. Phone use, including texts, is not allowed in the museum. The museum evokes the “cabinets of curiosities” that were famed during the 16th century. Visit the website for more information.


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