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a checklist for venue for business meetings

Are you in charge of planning a Los Angeles corporate holiday party? Or maybe you’re just in charge of planning your companies next big meeting? If you’re looking for some tips, a checklist for venue for business meetings might help. Check out this helpful guide that will help you pick the perfect venue for your next meeting in no time. 


What is the purpose of the meeting? 

It’s important to know the purpose of the meeting, because this will likely guide you in what the room should include. For example, are you showcasing a brand new product or idea? If so, do you require a room featuring speakers or a projector/projection screen? Or will this be more of an intimate meeting simply requiring a few number of seats? Knowing the purpose can help narrow down the space that will be required. 


Come up with a budget

Is there anything that would require a budget for this particular meeting? It’s always good to plan ahead of time so you won’t be surprised or caught off guard. 


Choose a convenient day and time

Of course, setting up a time that will allow for the most amount of attendees is always important. If this will be an all day meeting, consider choosing a venue that has a catering menu as this will make it easier to provide food for all the participants. 


Presentation tools

Depending on the type of meeting, you may require different tools. Will you need a microphone or projector? What about a board to write on? Check in with the venue site to see if these tools will be available. Some places may charge an additional fee to rent out these items so it’s always good to check ahead of time. 


Choose a location

Picking a central location for a meeting is always a good idea. Choosing a meeting spot in downtown LA for example, is a convenient location that can easily be reached.


Start looking at venues

When looking for venues, take into consideration whether or not the space is often used for business meetings. If so, are these businesses similar to yours and would you be having the similar types of meetings? For example, many venues such as hotels might advertise that they have business meeting space but in reality it may actually just be a small conference room. 

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