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Surfboard in the beach - Where to go Surfing in Los Angeles

Where to go Surfing in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is heaven for those who love the ocean. You’ll find dozens of beaches and places where you can explore the Pacific Ocean during your stay. Some of the best clubs, bars, pubs, and restaurants are close to the top beaches too, which makes it easy for you to grab a cold drink or sit down to a delicious meal. If you want to try your hand at surfing, you need to make sure that you know which beaches to hit. Those beaches make surfing in Los Angeles even easier.

Zuma Beach

Zuma Beach
Located in Malibu, Zuma Beach is a popular place for surfers who hope to catch sight of a few celebrities while riding the waves. The waves here are quite large but not so big that you risk getting injured by the Big One. Locals often pick this as one of their favorite beaches for surfing, which is why you’ll notice some crowds no matter when you visit. Many visitors also love the clearness of the water because it lets them keep track of their boards and other equipment.

Topanga Beach

Fans of the television series “Boy Meets World” might remember the Topanga, the character named after this beach, which also appeared on the spin-off Girl Meets World. This beach has mild waves that are suitable for beginners, and fewer crowds than some of the other beaches do. The waves can reach heights of between two and three feet on most days and can climb even higher in the summer. Topanga Beach is also close to some of the best Mexican food in Los Angeles, including lush margaritas made from fresh fruits and burritos filled with local veggies.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach
It’s hard to think about surfing in Los Angeles without thinking about Venice Beach. Named after the town of the same name in France, it is where locals go when they want to remember the 70s. Though the beach had its heyday back then, not much has changed. You’ll still see groups of skaters carrying their boards and muscle-clad guys and girls working out next to the sand at the famed Muscle Beach in Venice, CA. Just a few steps away from the signs that welcome you to the beach is the breakwater area, which is the top spot for surfing. You may want to head down to the end of the pier too, which is where the waves can reach heights of five feet or higher.

Surfrider Beach

To experience the Los Angeles surf community like a local, head over to Surfrider Beach. This Malibu destination is where many believe that surfing in the city started. This beach has light winds that push your board across the water and waves that are perfect for those with more experience. As the waves are often challenging, this isn’t a good spot for beginners. Once you ride these waves, you’ll want to talk about it for the rest of your life. Between Venice Beach and all the other great beaches, surfing in Los Angeles is as easy as picking the right beach and hitting the waves.

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